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Home aftercare for the Goddess!


If you are the Goddess that love body Henna/Jauga (bikini cover up, back designs, etc) this aftercare butter body cream is perfect! A great moisturizer for the skin and stain. 


This body butter cream is the perfect barrier from water to design. 


Henna aftercare is super important in achieving a stellar stain. Creating a moisture repellant before washing body parts can really help aide in a longer stain.


Use this aftercare Butter body cream over your fresh and mature stain before showering or bathing. You can also use it if you have dry skin to make sure your stain lasts longer by preventing dry skin cells from vanishing off at a faster rate.


Recommended for sensitive individuals, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and chemo patients.

Goddess Aftercare | Butter Body Cream

Expected shipped date November
  • We can cancel an order before it has been shipped. After shipping we do not accept returns since this product is a perishable item. If an item is damaged during transit you can send us photos for a replacement through our shipping question form.

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