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Henna Paste is fresh hand-crafted made with only the highest quality ingredients available. 


We start with triple sifted body art quality natural henna powder.  Our paste smells incredible, is smooth and creamy and stains beautifully.


Each pouch contains 16 ounces of henna ready to fill your preferred applicator. Simply trip the corner to quickly and cleanly fill your bottles or cones.


Pre-filling your applicators or dividing in to single serving sizes and storing in the freezer to preserve freshness, so you can just defrost what you need for the day. Fill your preferred applicator with fresh paste and start drawing!


Henna paste is perishable! Store in the freezer up to 6 month. Defrost at room temperature 15 minutes prior to use.

Bulk Fresh Henna Paste

    • Quality Henna Powder
    •  Lavender Essential Oil (Recommended for sensitive individuals, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and chemo patients).
    • Organic Key limes
  • We can cancel an order before it has been shipped. After shipping we do not accept returns since this product is a perishable item. If an item is damaged during transit you can send us photos for a replacement through our shipping question form. 

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