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Save Money with Aftercare bundle!


For Goddess on the Go! 


This aftercare oil is perfect for Henna & Fruit gel lovers that travel. 

Whether we are at the mall, visiting family, out to eat or saving the world lol- we are always washing our hands. This oil is the perfect barrier from water to design. 


Henna aftercare is super important in achieving a stellar stain. Creating a moisture repellant before washing hands can really help aide in a longer stain.


 Perfect size for any purse or pocket!


Home aftercare for the Goddess!


If you are the Goddess that love body Henna/Fruit gel (bikini cover up, back designs, etc) this aftercare butter body cream is perfect! A great moisturizer for the skin and stain. 


This body butter cream is the perfect barrier from water to design. 


Henna aftercare is super important in achieving a stellar stain. Creating a moisture repellant before washing body parts can really help aide in a longer stain.


Use this aftercare Butter body cream over your fresh and mature stain before showering or bathing. You can also use it if you have dry skin to make sure your stain lasts longer by preventing dry skin cells from vanishing off at a faster rate.

On the go care oil is for times when you are not home or at home.  Use this product before and or after washing stain. 


Homemade, all natural gel cones made fresh to order.

Stains dark indigo blue (looks black to eye), made using natural essential oils, therefore, smells refreshing and relaxing!

Cones are made with focus on ease of use.

Tip size can be adjusted to your liking.


  • Leave the gel paste on skin for at least 2-8 hours after application. The longer, the better. 
  • Keep the skin dry while the paste is on.
  • To take the dried gel off, gently scrape off with water or hand.
  • Fruit gel stains extremely quickly so be careful to avoid smudges. Additionally, Fruit gel can transfer easily to different parts of the body. Therefore, PLEASE DO NOT SLEEP WITH FRUIT GEL ON!
  • First night of application (after dried & scraped off) it is recommended to apply a protectant (sock, paper towel etc) DO NOT USE Plastic wrap.


Fruit gel stain does not show up right away after dry. Stain will transfer on the first night of application. Fruit stains begin VERY LIGHT, almost invisible, but darken completely within 12-24 hours after. Stain lasts 14 days in some cases longer. *(Gel takes 2-3 hours to dry)*


Color of stain varies between individual body chemistry, temp., aftercare, and ph levels.

Genipia is a citrus fruit, so it's not recommended for anyone with a citrus allergy or extreme eczema (with open wounds).

The stain fades naturally as the skin is rejuvenating, so keep skin hydrated using natural oils.

 Cannotlivewithoutart Aftercare oil and or Butter body cream is recommended for the best longevity of stain. 


Recommended for sensitive individuals, children, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and chemo patients.




Say NO to PPD (toxic chemcial found in fake "black henna" products) and commercial chemical henna cones that cause chemical burns and severe reactions! Do not risk yourself for a few bucks!



Goddess Art Bundle | Fruit Gel Cone | Body Butter & Oil

Expected shipped date November
  • We can cancel an order before it has been shipped. After shipping we do not accept returns since this product is a perishable item. If an item is damaged during transit you can send us photos for a replacement through our shipping question form. 

  • Order by Sunday 9 PM EST

    Shipping days: Mondays only.

    USPS tracking emails are sent automatically and can sometimes end up in your spam folder. Check your full inbox for tracking. Please fill out our Shipping FAQ form for more info on shipping and delivery.Please watch out for delivery using the tracking number through USPS.

    As soon as it is delivered, please pick it up from the front door product is perishable.


    Thaw the frozen Jauga gel at room temperature for at least 10 mins before use. Once thawed, gently rub the cones between your palms to mix up any separation due to freezing and thawing. Refreeze the leftover after use. Cones stays good if kept frozen for up to 6 months. 


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