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These pre-cut cello sheets are prefect for rolling your own henna cones. These are the exact same ones I use on an every day basis! They are the same size of 4X8 inches which I use to make both my large and small size cones. Therefore, you are free to play around with whatever size suits your practice best.


The cello print may vary depending on available prints we have on hand --but the ones in the photo are what we are currently using!

These pre-cut cello sheets come in a pack of 40. This amount is good for practicing your cone rolling. In the beginning of learning to roll your own henna cones, they can become warped accidentally. Therefore, a 40 pack ensures enough to make a good stock. It's always a good idea to have henna cones on hand since making cones can be a bit time consuming! 

Pre Cut Cello Sheets (40 pack)

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